Juan Miguel Racaza
1 min readFeb 1, 2021


What is Fake news?

Stories that are false: Fabricated, no verifiable facts, sources, or quotes. Most of these are an act of propaganda which intends to mislead the readers.

Some Types of Fake News


These stories are developed to purposely confuse readers, facilitate a skewed point of view, or clear political cause or agenda. This is the most problematic type of fake news.


There are articles that are purposely manufactured to attract more website users and raise website advertisement sales. To attract publicity and send traffic to the publisher’s website, Clickbait articles use sensationalist headlines, usually at the detriment of reality or accuracy.

Lazy Journalism

Reporters or writers may also write a report with inaccurate evidence or without verifying all the details that can confuse readers

How to avoid these?

The simplest thing to do is fact check. Reading from verified sites and hearing it from the news.

Do not trust right away, again verify with other sites or better with the news.



Juan Miguel Racaza